Carlolinum Osnabrück

A wonderful stay at your lovely Carolinum

After having arrived in Hamburg on 13th December, we spent a rainy but really interesting day in Hamburg. We learnt a lot about the harbour, the Speicherstadt and the old parts of the city.

After a very instructive guided tour, we were personally welcomed by Santa Claus on Hamburg's beautiful Christmas market next to the town hall. A visit of the Elbphilharmonie with a beautiful panoramic view of Hamburg by night was one of the highlights of the day. In the evening we arrived in Osnabrück, most of us were really curious to see what the families of our exchange partners were like. Happy but tired, we spent the first night in our friendly guest families.

After a short night, we were greeted by the school’s principal Mr Brandebusemeyer. We had a tour around the Carolinum which was really wonderful. You have a really beautiful, well-equipped  school building. Especially your gym is really cool.  After a short survival German lesson by Mrs Berning, we were welcomed by Osnabrück's mayor. A guided tour of Osnabrück's old town gave us a first impression of your lovely city.

On Friday, we visited Wolfsburg by train. There, we saw the Autostadt, which is a great collection of quite rare cars and the phaeno, a science museum with a lot of cool physics experiments.

The weekend in our guest families went by too quickly. We made trips around Germany and did a lot of Christmas related activities. We baked cookies and decorated Christmas trees.

On Monday, we were allowed to see what lessons in Germany are like. German teachers are sooo friendly. Afterwards, we cooked typical German and French meals almost all day long. In the evening, we had a tasty dinner together. On Tuesday morning, we went to Bremerhaven. The Klimahaus and the Auswandererhaus  were another highlight during our stay in Germany. 

On Wednesday, we went to the Nettebad with our German friends and spent a wonderful final day with lots of fun. So, the last thing that has to be said: Au revoir and thanks a lot for the amazing week in your school, your families, your town, your country...!!!                                         Your friends from Rennes!